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The Bundle Effect is all about making each and everyone

of their customers feel like a boss, beautiful, and

independent. We want to make more than just our

customers feel this way, so  we created Impressions.

First impressions are everything! Some of us can't get the

real first impression we dream of. The Bundle Effect wants

to team up with you to help individuals (homeless, cancer,

alopecia, etc) get this dream.

Donate Old/Unwanted/Used Hair

Recieve discounts up to $20 off The Bundle Effect Hair

Hair will be sterilized and refurbished to be donated!

You can donate (The Bundle Effect) old/used/unwanted hair! You can receive up to $20 off The Bundle Effect Hair.

You can donate (Not The Bundle Effect) & recieve up to $10 off The  Bundle Effect Hair. Depending on the condition of your donation, determines the discount value.

(Send us an email :

-Name & Contact #

-Who's hair?

-What length & texture?


-Receipt if (The Bundle Effect Hair)

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